The breeding between

Skylight's Witness for the Prosecution JH SAR-W WC CCA CGCA (Bailey)


HRCH Pemberley's A Walk in the Woods CDX RN MH WCX CCA (Trek)

produced pups on 26 May.  Four females and four males.   Two puppies left.

Currently we do not have any Goldens to list.  Please check back.

puppies!  Puppies!  PUPPIES!

Bailey has puppies!

Northern Flyway Golden Retriever Club

Looking For a Golden?

I am expecting these pups to be outstanding working dogs that will also fit well into home life.  They are in-home raised with Avidog principles, ESI and ESN (almost completed).  An Avidog Puppy Evaluation Test will be arranged.  Introduction to birds and swimming with open water as well as a swimming pool.   Lots of enrichment activities once they are out of the whelping box (soon!).  Introduction to a variety of protein sources after they are weaned.  Potty training, crate and doggy door introduction. Pups will be microchipped. Ready to go home at 9 weeks (nomograph on mom says not to vaccinate until week 9)—weekend of 27 July. Have appointments booked for Dr. Collins (ophthalmologist, Eye Care for Animals) and Dr. Luethy (cardiologist, Chicago) before the pups leave.


Deborah Seline - Pemberley Retrievers

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